About our Company

Personal, efficient support & maintenance from an expert team.
Our main office is in Milton Keynes, England, with staff based globally to offer 24/7 website cover.
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We have over 12 years experience.
Why we exist

managemy.site was created after we identified these four major problems most website owners experienced:

  • Sites would be built by a developer and then not maintained.

  • Sites would break due to a development issue, but the fix would be too small for a developer to quote for.

  • The website's original developer would be uncontactable, or take weeks to fix basic problems.

  • Customers spent a lot of time making changes themselves, when they either did not have the technical knowledge, or the time.

We'll build and manage your website. You can focus on managing your business.

We can help with everything from bug fixes to migrations, and malware removal to website updates. Our 24/7 team solve most issues within two hours.
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Service Commitment

We see ourselves as your in-house support team. We can do updates, tasks, changes and fixes on your website, hosting, domain or associated service. This may be a problem you want to solve, a new feature you want to add, a specific tasks such as a migration, or some other website task that does not extend to full website design or development.

A single task is something we think that can completed in approximately two hours or less. We have found that this estimation means we can cover the vast majority of requested tasks, including migrations, updates, bug fixes, malware cleanups and more.

The jobs we can do are each defined and categorised in managemy.site. If you ask us to do a job that is not defined, we will ask ourselves 'Is this a fix or an optimisation, or is it something a web designer or developer should be doing?' If not, we will probably suggest that it is handled by your web designer or developer. We are more than happy to offer advice.

We will do our best to provide a solution with the access you give us. Our solution may involve a direct fix, a workaround, advice, or a combination. We will explain our actions and why.

We will ensure that backups are taken before any work commences, or that you understand the risks if they are not taken.

If you are unhappy for whatever reason: for instance, if we fail to fix an issue, if we refuse to do a job you think should be included, or if we take too long; we will refund your monthly fee directly to your payment source under our money back guarantee.

Managemy.site is a best effort service. Ultimately, there are problems that may be unfixable. We will do our best to suggest workarounds and give advice, but even we cannot solve unsolvable problems. We promise to try our best.

Some More Common Questions

Where is managemy.site based?

We are based in Milton Keynes, UK. We're in a beautiful area right next door to Centre MK. We also have a large support office in Europe, and individuals around the world to offer 24/7 coverage.

Do you use contractors?

Almost all staff are full time and work in our offices. In countries where we don't have a registered company, we pay staff as contractors. However they are full-time.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Our entire system is designed around security. When you add logins, you add them to our Site Secrets section.